Let’s Talk About Dogen

Brad Warner has written several books about what the intersection of Zen Buddhism and Japanese monster movies has meant for him personally, as well as what it can mean for all of us who want to learn a little more about meditation and enlightenment and all that. When Warner isn't traveling the world leading Zen... Continue Reading →

Publishing. We Need It.

Last November, as we approached the Election Day, I had that week all planned out. On Tuesday night, we’d have an election party at the house to celebrate the election of our first woman president. On Friday, I’d planned to take the day off and work on my radio play, a combination soap opera/farce. When... Continue Reading →

I’ll Take Colophons for $400

We were looking over glossaries of industry terms for publishing class this week, and I spent a good chunk of that time reviewing terms I already know: things like body copy, copyright page, and front matter. Things that I’m familiar with not only as a reader but as somebody who’s lucky enough to get to... Continue Reading →

On Publishing…and Procrastination

Champlain Publishing is helping Alumna Colleen Rooney publish a collection of essays written by Champlain students. It’s called Publishing: Digitized and Personalized, and it’ll be out in the world Feb. 3. We’re going to have a big party at Champlain that day. You’re invited. So last month, as is apparently my way, I sat back... Continue Reading →

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