Summer 2013: My Own Little Chem Lab

How I spent my summer vacation

Kim MacQueen

ImageTo the naked eye, my summer looked like this: daughters enjoying the near-daily swimming in our sweet, indulgent neighbors’ pool on the off hours when they weren’t staring into some TV or computer screen. I would sit with my laptop on my legs while they swam, the most unfun mom of all time.

There were the times when husband came home and realized we’d all been frozen in front of those screens for hours and made us all go outside, but that was way too occasional. So it looked like a lot of inactivity, I grant you that. But to me, the summer was a crazy chemistry set with several experiments going at the same time.

The first was one I’d been working on since the fall. Can I take this obsession of mine, the one about my friend-of-mobsters family member who was mayor of Newark in the 60s, and…

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