The word of the day is AGOG

How was my week? Thanks for asking! It’s been a little mind-blowing actually.

On Saturday, I led a workshop on self-publishing for six lovely people with six interesting fiction and nonfiction projects in the strangely named but absolutely gorgeous Karma Bird House offices of the Renegade Writers’ Collective (which, if you’re a writer in Vermont and you don’t know about the amazing Burlington-based world they’ve built for writers  yet, you’re invited to chuck my blog post & go visit them right now, because you need to). I think I learned as much from them, in terms of their thoughtful questions and intriguing plans, as they learned from me, and we need to all stay in touch because they’re going to kick ass.

Just look at them plotting to take over the world

On Sunday I attended a meeting of the Champlain Publishing Executive Council, an organization of stellar students charged with leading CCPI’s way into the future (let me say that one more time slowly. Went to a meeting led by college students. Off campus. On Sunday. Let that sink in a second.). Can I just say how amazing it is to watch these people work, some of them even wearing comely hats?  Our founder & publisher Tim Brookes took photos but he says he can’t use them because the way I tend to sit with my big black glasses halfway down my nose makes me look 80+ years old.

On Monday I went to the CCPI mandatory monthly meeting, which everybody who has anything to do with Champlain Publishing MUST attend or we say nasty things about them and they have no idea what’s going on for the rest of the month. After presentations on our website relaunch and rebranding, everybody broke up into respective groups to plot and plan. It was so exciting to watch that I am afraid I really need a better adjective than exciting.

On Wednesday night Hailey Neal, Nicole Christopher and Annie Clymer joined us at the Flynn Center for a Champlain-sponsored evening of meeting their dean while enjoying fried appetizers and a production of The Graduate. They looked like a million bucks and represented Champlain Publishing so beautifully that my face was aching from smiling the whole time.

photo (1)
According to Jane, this was the first time her phone ever photographed like a glowing orb about to swallow someone whole

So then on Thursday, Jane Friedman came. THE Jane Friedman, champion of writers and editors everywhere whose work we’ve all been reading for the last year, the smartest person in our industry (probably most industries), came to visit the publishing class and give a talk on the future. Then we had tea and I took a picture of her in which her phone looks like a ghostly, glowing orb.

I’m almost done. Then on Thursday night, I went to Arts Riot for the Read Your Face Off event, where the aforementioned Brookes saw fit to remove his shirt and borrow somebody’s hat and curse in a cockney accent to win the final round of this literary challenge and run away with the whole damn thing. Very impressive. Again: better adjectives needed. Maybe agog. That might do it.

photo (2)
Tim Brookes

It’s not even over yet, but I’m agog. I don’t think I’ve ever used that word before. Agog and a bit tired.

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