Tired now.

cindy proofing
Cindy gets ready to proofread because my brain is now fried.

Me: I don’t know what to write.
Cindy: Seriously?
Me: Yeah. I’m really tired.
Cindy: Ok. We spent the summer busting our butts to publish books for Champlain students to use in class (including the amazing Larry Connolly’s new collection of student work, “Best Student Creative Nonfiction”), and we just sent the first title that we built from the ground up (Tim Brookes’ “First-Time Author”) to the printer yesterday. Our publishing company is printing your second novel (that’ll go to the printer tonight) and it’s the crux of the biscuit for our blowout inaugural launch party September 20, for which I have been researching hors d’ouevre recipes for two days. That is all just frickin’ awesome. Own it!
Me: Crux of the what?

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