Let’s talk about craft

Or, actually, to put it more directly, let’s listen to this fab radio interview with me and Shelagh Shapiro as we talk about craft.

Shelagh is a novelist whose first book, “Shape of the Sky,” blew my mind. She’s also the owner/head honcho/producer of the fantabulous radio show/podcast “Write the Book” for which she recently interviewed yours truly.

What I like about the show, and Shelagh’s entire approach, is how it focuses on the how of writing, the why, the questions that keep us up at night wondering about how to do justice to scene and character and plot, how to work to hold everything together before it all falls apart.

Shelagh’s not interested in talking to writers about how they found their agents or how much time they spend at the desk everyday. Lots of people do that. “Write the Book” is about how the writing actually gets done. 

So take a listen!