I Used To Be Known As a Hot Italian


This video shows my Dad, Fred, helping me kickstart (in the pre-2000s sense of the word) my cookbook project, which is to be a collection of Italian Addonizio family recipes.

I know many friends have been awaiting this one for awhile. This is just to let you know that, as we say in the restaurant business, I’ve got it working. It’s in the oven, much like the Chicken Scarpariello you see here. The problem is I’m not convinced it should be a book. I think it might be better as a digital romp through my family’s history, made with Omeka or some other cool digital scholarship software, with sound files and recipes. But those take, like, years in the oven. best oven prep action shot

(And until my project is done cooking, enjoy the NY Times Cooking’s awesome Chicken Scarpariello recipe.)