Let’s Talk About Dogen

Zen.jpgBrad Warner has written several books about what the intersection of Zen Buddhism and Japanese monster movies has meant for him personally, as well as what it can mean for all of us who want to learn a little more about meditation and enlightenment and all that.

When Warner isn’t traveling the world leading Zen retreats, he runs Angel City Zen Center in Los Angeles. His latest book is the second of two that do a deep dive into the writings of Dogen, a 13th Century Japanese Buddhist monk.

It Came from Beyond Zen unpacks a lot of Dogen’s ancient-yet-timeless ideas about enlightenment, up to and including a healthy discussion of the nature of time itself, that wouldn’t be quite so understandable to today’s Western Buddhists if it hadn’t penned by Warner, a punk rocker and monster movie junkie from Ohio who also happens to be an ordained Zen priest.

You can hear my interview with Brad here, on Shelagh Shapiro’s awesome Write the Book podcast. And you should pick up the book, because it’s great. If you buy It Came from Beyond Zen here, from Brad himself, that’s a lot better than buying it from some huge corporate author-devouring Internet conglomerate.