My interview with Lisa Romeo


Back in May, when this wonderful book first came out, I was knee-deep in my masters’ thesis with its author, trying to get my mind around finishing up my grad program. As my thesis advisor, Lisa Romeo was trying to get her mind around the same thing, and putting out her first book at the same time. I mean it was BUSY. But we took an hour and recorded an interview about Starting with Goodbye (University of Nevada Press) for Shelagh Connor Shapiro’s Write the Book podcast.

It was so busy that when I saw Lisa at graduation and asked her if she’d had a chance to listen to our interview, she hadn’t. And neither had I. Flash forward to summer: Lisa’s still doing a big book tour, but I’ve got a little time to bring this one forward for you again.

Starting with Goodbye is a refreshing take on the loss of a father by a daughter who felt she wasn’t able to fully connect with him when he was alive — but then that connection starts to form once he’s gone, in some very unexpected ways. Lisa and I talked about the nuts and bolts of how she put the book together; we had a real day-in-the-life conversation about what it’s like to be a busy writer with a great new book on the shelves for the first time.

Take a listen.

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