Quarantine Green

Maybe, like me, you’re walking the dog a lot. Maybe, like me, you’re able to access lovely city parks like the one pictured below, because they haven’t been closed yet, and so, like me, you’re able to nod at the 57 emails you’ve already gotten today that tell you how important it is to exercise and breathe fresh air, so you go walk the dog again, and feel like you’re doing your tiny part to help yourself not cry again today, and maybe, like me, you’re grateful for that.

Quite possibly, like me, you’re wondering how you can help. If you’re like me, and I bet you are, you’ve already gotten at least 157 emails since Friday from any business you’ve ever bought anything from, letting you know how you can help. I have, for you, one way you can help.

Donate here. Your money will go to college students who need a little extra from us right now to stay safe and fed until this bullshit blows over.

Thanks, my friend. Be well, and as happy as you can be.

Here’s a picture of Ethan Allen Park, near my house. Not pictured: our dog Nora.
I couldn’t get her to sign the release form.

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