On Publishing…and Procrastination

Champlain Publishing is helping Alumna Colleen Rooney publish a collection of essays written by Champlain students. It’s called Publishing: Digitized and Personalized, and it’ll be out in the world Feb. 3. We’re going to have a big party at Champlain that day. You’re invited. So last month, as is apparently my way, I sat back … Continue reading On Publishing…and Procrastination

Ann Hood, My Ego, and Sheep: An Ireland Thank-You Note

  I never really learned about thank you notes. Some families do it, some don’t. I just don’t remember anybody in my family talking about it much. Then I married into a family of people for whom they are very important. You’d think that nearly three decades of being expected, and often gently reminded, to … Continue reading Ann Hood, My Ego, and Sheep: An Ireland Thank-You Note

Looking for us?

Barnes MacQueen Publishing Resources officially opened for business January 1, 2014 in the Karma Birdhouse, 47 Maple Street, Burlington, Vermont. We are Cindy Barnes (president) and Kim MacQueen (vice president). We are consultants and counselors to indie authors and are developing curriculum and events covering a wide range of publishing topics.Some of the niceties, like … Continue reading Looking for us?