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This mob-tinged novel is wrapped around the race riots in Newark in the late sixties and filled with Sinatra tunes, Italian dinners and hushed conversations in the mayor’s office. MacQueen has presented a gripping mix of gangster mentality and heartfelt relationships as she takes you on a fictional tour through the intricacies leading up to the cataclysmic events of July 12, 1967.

The author’s interest in the history of the 1967 Newark race riots developed when she discovered that her distant cousin, Hugh Addonizio, had been the mayor of Newark at that time. As she dug into Hugh’s story and the story of his wife Doris Goodheart (Gloria in the novel) Kim began a journey into the events that sparked one of the pivotal race riots in our country’s history.

Praise for People Who Hate America:

“…The book’s novella form serves to compress and amplify the story tension, contributing to the oppression and claustrophobia that existed on the streets of Newark on that sweltering July night, while never sacrificing the development of the characters.

Told from the perspective of key witnesses within the black community, as well as people from within the inner circle of Mayor Addonizio, who was later indicted by a grand jury for his role in delivering Newark into the hands of organized crime, People Who Hate America reveals how the system of mayoral corruption and racial profiling within the police department worked to create a perfect storm of racial tension, and reminds us that what is old is new again.”

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Out, Out: A Novel of Women and ApesWhat it’s all about:

Deb Solomon is a new mom suffering a spate of postpartum depression, a listless marriage and a career in free-fall. So she jumps at the chance to go to work in another world: a university laboratory housing language-competent apes and the humans who study and care for them, led by brilliant primatologist Soraya Baldwin-Ruhl.

Praise for Out, Out:

“MacQueen keeps the tension building as Deb falls deeper and deeper under the spell of the driven, perplexing Soraya, who perilously walks a fine line between studying the apes and becoming a central part of their world. With compelling characters and a suspenseful plot, MacQueen puts both apes and humans under the microscope.”

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