I Used To Be Known As a Hot Italian

This video shows my Dad, Fred, helping me kickstart (in the pre-2000s sense of the word) my cookbook project, which is to be a collection of Italian Addonizio family recipes. I know many friends have been awaiting this one for awhile. This is just to let you know that, as we say in the restaurant business, I've... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about craft

Or, actually, to put it more directly, let's listen to this fab radio interview with me and Shelagh Shapiro as we talk about craft. Shelagh is a novelist whose first book, "Shape of the Sky," blew my mind. She's also the owner/head honcho/producer of the fantabulous radio show/podcast "Write the Book" for which she recently interviewed... Continue Reading →

Tired now.

Me: I don't know what to write.Cindy: Seriously?Me: Yeah. I'm really tired.Cindy: Ok. We spent the summer busting our butts to publish books for Champlain students to use in class (including the amazing Larry Connolly's new collection of student work, "Best Student Creative Nonfiction"), and we just sent the first title that we built from... Continue Reading →

Looking for us?

Barnes MacQueen Publishing Resources officially opened for business January 1, 2014 in the Karma Birdhouse, 47 Maple Street, Burlington, Vermont. We are Cindy Barnes (president) and Kim MacQueen (vice president). We are consultants and counselors to indie authors and are developing curriculum and events covering a wide range of publishing topics.Some of the niceties, like... Continue Reading →

The word of the day is AGOG

How was my week? Thanks for asking! It’s been a little mind-blowing actually. On Saturday, I led a workshop on self-publishing for six lovely people with six interesting fiction and nonfiction projects in the strangely named but absolutely gorgeous Karma Bird House offices of the Renegade Writers’ Collective (which, if you’re a writer in Vermont and... Continue Reading →

Eat the Monkey

I’m teaching a section of the publishing class this semester. This class of a dozen students will break up into four groups of three to work on client projects for Champlain Publishing. They’ll have to assign tasks and make plans and keep deadlines and wow their clients and stretch their minds and do stuff they’ve... Continue Reading →

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