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There’s a new writing initiative in the Burlington area: the Renegade Writers’ Collective. Founded by Jessica Hendry Nelson and Angela Palm, the group is going to organize writing classes, services and help to encourage writing in Vermont:

The idea for the Renegade Writers’ Collective was culled from the literary fantasies of a small writing critique group based in Burlington, Vermont. The writing group, largely comprised of recent Vermont transplants, had one thing in common besides writing: we were beginning to long for a community beyond ourselves. By winter 2012, multiple members of the group had books coming out and publications in lit mags were stacking up. We wanted a place to read our work as emerging writers. We wished for a larger community, for local support. We were still relatively new in town, but beginning to make connections and friendships. We wanted to communicate with other local writers and readers…

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If you donate to my pubslush campaign, maybe I can afford to buy my cat some toys so she'll leave me alone and I can finish Chapter 3.

Sometimes smoking crack is a great idea.

Apparently, Toronto mayor Rob Ford's antics might actually be good for the city, because they take the world's eyes off the fact that the city itself is in way bad shape politically. According to this article in the Toronto Star, back in 1998, Ontario's premiere forced the legislature to collapse the city of Toronto and... Continue Reading →

The Pubslush campaign for People Who Hate America is going great guns! Be a part of it and help me bring this sucker out into the world.If you've already donated and you're seeing this message....well, you are my hero. 

Love Letter to Bob Curvin

Lately I get up in the morning, drink a bunch of coffee, listen to the birdies singing, look at lovely Lake Champlain and write about race riots. More specifically, I write about one race riot — the one in Newark, New Jersey in July 1967. It’s for my novel, People Who Hate America, in which... Continue Reading →

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