And, we're LIVE! Everybody! Everybody! Announcement! Today marks the debut of my Pubslush campaign for my new book, People Who Hate America. Pubslush is like Kickstarter, but it's just for books. I'm trying to raise $4,000 to pay for editorial, design, marketing and distribution help, and to enable me to focus the next three months... Continue Reading →

Who still smokes crack? Mayors.Never wonder why I'm focusing on the life of a mayor for my next novel. Everybody's always talking about POTUS, but I think the mayoral office is the most fascinating one to watch in any city, anywhere. Kwame Kilpatrick just got sent to prison in Detroit, they're having trouble finding anybody... Continue Reading →

I need some help from the hive mind

I'm getting my kickstarter ready here. Working up some rewards for the good folks who are going to help me make People Who Hate America possible.My book is about Italian people, I'm half Italian myself, and I can make one hell of a tray of ziti without a recipe.So what about a high-level reward that... Continue Reading →

Today on SETI: The Search for Intelligent Life in the Publishing Universe (nickname SETIblog. Don't worry. You'll get used to it) I've got a new post on book launches. Or rather how I did my book launch, the amazing friends who helped me out along the way, and what I wish I'd done differently now... Continue Reading →

This is where it all starts.

This essay came out in the Fiddleback today.  It's the answer to the following burning questions: a. What are you working on, Kim? b. What have you been obsessed with for years, Kim? c. Kim, why won't you stop talking about the mafia? Thanks for reading.

Thanks to the wonderful people at 7 Days!...for helping me spread the word on my reading Tuesday, March 19 at Phoenix Books in Burlington. They didn't mention that I offered to make cookies too. Which is good because who knows how those cookies will actually turn out.Plus, I think the photo of me is run... Continue Reading →

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